About me

I am Open Source enthusiast, System Administrator and Quality Engineer. I am professionally working with *nix systems since 2006. In the past I have been working as Linux/Unix administrator, I was supporting critical Telco systems with tight SLAs. I am Red Hat Certified Engineer and certified in Ansible and Openstack products. Currently I am working as Quality Engineer.


I joined Komodo Slack channel 8th of February this year and decided to participate in Notary Node elections. I joined because I see oportunity how I can improve Komodo Platform.

What I give back to the Komodo community

I am member of Dragon Riders team. Please navigate to our team page to find out more about what our plans are.


I am the owner of the server in EU region and specifications of the server is:

  • Dell PowerEdge 1U server
  • 2 x Xeon CPUs (24 threads total)
  • 64GB RAM (can be upgraded to 96GB)
  • 2 x 146GB SAS disks for OS
  • 512GB NVMe SSD for data (will be upgraded to 1TB)
  • dual PSU

Server is located in ITSelf datacentre in Brno where I have 24x7 access.

Southern Hemisphere region will utilize dedicated server.

Vote details

Notary Node Operators are guards of the Komodo network, so pick your guard carefully! I would appreciate if you can vote for me and help to decentralize Notary Nodes across whole world. My vote address is:

Europe: RGLtxHZfbjktMcTsRnTt5gHzJG3guwU1w4

Southern Hemisphere: RAnvcMmra8sUqjQoUZ4kGGPypdaHhfvnkY

If you prefer to vote anonymously, you can send VOTE2018 to my Z address:


Details regarding voting can be found here.


You can chat to me in komodo-platform.slack.com where my nick is ‘patchkez’.